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Tandoori King Prawn£4.95Add +King prawns cooked with a yogurt and herb marinade. Contains dairy
Mixed Starter£8.95Add +Chicken tikka, lamb tikka and sheek kebab. Contains dairy
Tandoori Chicken Wings (6)£3.95Add +Served with salad and mint sauce. Contains dairy
Fish Kebab£3.75Add +Deep fry spicy tuna with potato coating in bread crumbs. Contains egg and dairy
Chicken Tikka Roll£3.95Add +With onions, ginger and green pepper. Contains dairy
King Prawn Butterfly£4.95Add +Large 1 piece. Contains egg
King Prawn Puree£4.95Add +
Moss Mossa Calamari£4.95Add +Contains egg
Kebab Roll£3.95Add +Contains egg and dairy
Chicken Tikka Samosa£3.25Add +Peas, cheese and onions. Contains dairy
Chicken / Lamb Tikka£3.75Add +Contains dairy
Tandoori Chicken£3.75Add +Contains dairy
Sheek Kebab£3.75Add +Contains egg
Reshami Kebab or Shami Kebab£3.75Add +Contains egg
Chicken Pakora£3.75Add +Contains dairy
Prawn Puree£3.75Add +
Aloo Chop£2.95Add +Contains egg
Prawn Cocktail£2.95Add +
Lamb / Vegetable Samosa£2.95Add +Crispy fried pastry with a mixed lamb or vegetable filling
Onion Bhajee£2.95Add +Contains egg
Indian Fusion Special Sizzling Dishes
All dishes are marinated with Indian Fusion’s own special recipe. Cooked with ginger, spring onion, onion, green pepper and garlic, garnished with coriander. Medium spicy medium dry
Sizzling Beef or Lamb£7.95Add +Served with ginger and spring onions
Sizzling Duck£8.95Add +Served with mushrooms
Sizzling Lemon Chicken£7.50Add +
Sizzling Beef Or Lamb Hariyali£7.95Add +
Sizzling Chicken Hariyali£7.50Add +
Sizzling Fish Hariyali£9.95Add +Contains fish
Bamboo Chicken£7.50Add +Cooked with carrot, bamboo shoots and spring onions
Sweet & Sour Chicken Tikka£7.50Add +Butter coated crispy chicken cooked with green peppers, onions, pineapple in sweet and sour sauce. Contains sesame
House Special
Tandoori King Prawn Massala (n)£12.95Add +Cooked with almond and coconut powder. Contains dairy
Fish Bhuna£9.95Add +Whole pomfret cooked with special spices, onion, tomato, garlic and ginger. Slightly dry, medium hot. Contains fish
Fish Methi£9.95Add +Specially marinated fish fillet cooked with fresh fenugreek leaves, garlic and garnished with fresh coriander. Contains fish
Chicken Rezala (hot)£8.95Add +Special marinated chicken fillet, cooked with oriental's own special recipe with onion and yoghurt. Contains dairy
Chef Special£8.95Add +Sliced tender chicken, marinated in special spices and herbs cooked with onion, green chillies, mint and yoghurt, slightly tangy. Contains dairy
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Massala (n)£7.50Add +Cooked with almond and coconut powder. Contains dairy
Chicken/Lamb Passanda (hot) (n)£7.50Add +Contains dairy
Chicken/Lamb Korai£7.50Add +Served with fresh onion and capsicum
Dall Gost or Chicken£7.50Add +Specially marinated lamb or chicken breast cooked with split chickpeas, fresh garlic, onion and garnished with coriander
Chicken / Lamb Tikka Jalfrezi (hot)£7.50Add +Contains dairy
Methi Chicken or Lamb£7.50Add +Specially marinated chicken breast or lamb cooked with fresh fenugreek leaves, garlic and garnished with fresh coriander
Murgh Makhani (Buttered Chicken) (hot) (n)£7.50Add +Shredded spring chicken with almond and coconut powder, cream and butter. Contains dairy
Murgh Massala£7.50Add +Chicken with mince meat
Badami Chicken (hot) (n)£7.95Add +Cooked with almond powder, coconut powder, onions and garlic, garnished with fresh cream and cashew nuts. Contains dairy
Home-Made Handi Gost£7.95Add +On the bone. Subject to availability
Tandoori Specialities
Tender lamb or chicken, marinated in yoghurt with special spices, barbecued in a clay oven
Chicken / Lamb Tikka£5.95Add +Contains dairy
Tandoori Chicken£5.95Add +Contains dairy
Tandoori Mixed Grill£9.95Add +Contains dairy
Chicken / Lamb Shashlik£8.50Add +With onion, tomato and green pepper. Contains dairy
Tandoori King Prawn£9.95Add +Contains dairy
Tandoori Shashlik£9.95Add +With onion, tomato and green pepper. Contains dairy
Sizzling Nawabi£8.50Add +Sliced spring chicken stir fry with fresh ginger, spring onion and green pepper. Contains dairy
Special Balti Dishes
All Balti dishes are cooked with freshly ground spices, special Balti sauce, onion, tomato, ginger, galic, coriander and green capsicum. Medium spicy thick sauce
Balti Lamb£7.95Add +Chargrilled marinated lamb pieces in a tomato and pepper sauce with spices
Balti Chicken£7.95Add +Chargrilled marinated chicken in a tomato and pepper sauce with spices
Balti Vegetable£5.95Add +Mixed vegetable curry cooked in a flatbottomed wok, with peppers and onions
Balti Prawn£7.95Add +Chargrilled marinated prawns in a tomato and pepper sauce with spices
Balti King Prawn£9.95Add +Chargrilled marinated king prawns in a tomato and pepper sauce with spices
Balti Garlic Duck Massala£9.95Add +Extra garlic
Mixed Balti£9.95Add +Consists of chicken, lamb, prawns and vegetables
Biriani Dishes
Biriani consists of special fried rice garnished with tomatoes, cucumber and served with a vegetable curry or vegetable bahji
King Prawn Biriani£9.95Add +Seasoned rice dish cooked with king prawns
Oriental Mixed Biriani (New) (n)£9.50Add +Chicken, beef, prawn and cashew nut
Mixed Biriani£8.95Add +Chicken, lamb and prawn
Shahi Chicken Biriani (hot) (n)£7.95Add +Contains egg and dairy
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Biriani£7.95Add +Seasoned rice dish cooked with chicken or lamb tikka pieces. Contains dairy
Chicken or Lamb Biriani£7.50Add +Seasoned rice dish cooked with chicken or lamb
Prawn Biriani£7.50Add +Seasoned rice dish cooked with prawns
Keema Biriani£6.95Add +Minced meat
Vegetable Biriani (v)£6.25Add +Seasoned rice dish cooked with vegetables
Mixed Seafood Biriani£9.95Add +Fish, squid and king prawns. Contains fish
Home-Made Handi Biriani£8.95Add +On the bone
Prawn & King Prawn Dishes
Prawn Curry£4.85Add +
Prawn Madras (hot)£4.95Add +Rich and spicy prawn curry
Prawn Vindaloo (hot)£5.10Add +Spicy rich prawn curry
Prawn Bhuna£5.95Add +Slightly dry
Prawn Dupiaza£5.95Add +Served with onions
Prawn and Mushroom Curry (hot)£5.95Add +
Prawn Saag£5.95Add +Served with spinach
Prawn Dansak£5.95Add +Sweet, sour and hot. Contains dairy
Prawn Korma (hot) (n)£5.95Add +Contains dairy
King Prawn Curry (hot)£6.85Add +
King Prawn Madras£6.95Add +Rich and spicy king prawn curry
King Prawn Vindaloo£7.10Add +Spicy rich king prawn curry
King Prawn Bhuna£7.95Add +Fragrant medium hot dry king prawn curry
King Prawn Korma (hot) (n)£7.95Add +Contains dairy
King Prawn Dansak£7.95Add +Sweet, sour and hot. Contains dairy
King Prawn Jalfrezie (hot)
£9.95Add +
Served with fresh green chillies, onions, tomatoes and capsicum
King Prawn Delight (hot)£11.95Add +Served with fresh green chilli and brinjal
Chicken & Lamb Dishes
Chicken / Lamb Curry (hot)£4.85Add +
Chicken / Lamb Madras (hot)£4.95Add +Rich and spicy chicken or lamb curry
Chicken / Lamb Vindaloo (hot)£5.10Add +Spicy rich chicken or lamb curry
Chicken / Lamb Bhuna£5.95Add +Slightly dry
Chicken / Lamb Dupiaza£5.95Add +Served with onions
Chicken/Lamb Tikka Dupiaza£6.95Add +Served with onions
Chicken / Lamb Rogan£5.95Add +Served with tomatoes
Chicken / Lamb Korma (hot) (n)£5.95Add +Contains dairy
Chicken / Lamb Kashmir with banana£5.95Add +Served with banana. Contains dairy
Chicken / Lamb Dansak sweet, sour and hot£5.95Add +Sweet, sour and hot . Contains dairy
Chicken / Lamb Sag£5.95Add +Served with spinach
Vegetable Side Dishes (v)
Special Korai Vegetables£4.95Add +Main
Saag Ponir£3.50Add +Served with spinach and cheese. Contains dairy
Motor Ponir£3.50Add +Served with peas and cheese. Contains dairy
Mixed Vegetables Curry / Bhajee£2.95Add +Your choice of mixed vegetable in curry (with sauce) or bhajee (dry)
Mushroom Bhajee£2.95Add +Dry mushroom curry
Cauliflower Bhajee£2.95Add +Dry cauliflower curry
Saag Bhajee£2.95Add +Dry spinach curry
Chana Massala£2.95Add +Dry and spicy chickpea curry
Saag Aloo or Aloo Ghobi
£2.95Add +
Spinach and potato curry or Potato and cauliflower curry
Bombay Potato£2.95Add +Dry and rich potato curry
Bindi Bhajee or Brinjal Bhajee
£2.95Add +
Dry okra curry or dry aubergine curry
Tarka Dhal£2.95Add +Served with fried garlic
Dhal Masala£2.95Add +Served with fresh garlic and onion
Methi Bhajee£2.95Add +Fenugreek leaves with fresh garlic and onion
Aloo Benjan Bhajee£2.95Add +Potato and aubergine
Broccoli Bhajee£2.95Add +
Plain Rice (v)
£1.75Add +
Pilau Rice (v)
£1.95Add +
Basmati rice cooked with spices
Shahee Pilau Rice (n)£3.25Add +With nuts and raisin
Special Fried Rice£3.25Add +Contains egg
Mushroom Pilau Rice (v)£3.25Add +
Vegetable Pilau Rice (v)£3.25Add +
Keema Pilau Rice£3.50Add +Basmati rice cooked with minced meat, herbs and spices
Oriental Pilau Rice (n)£3.75Add +With prawn, peas, carrot, nuts and raisin
Naan & Other Breads
Plain Naan£1.75Add +Contains egg and dairy
Stuffed Naan (v)£2.25Add +Stuffed with vegetables. Contains egg and dairy
Balti Naan (v)£2.25Add +With balti paste and vegetables. Contains egg and dairy
Keema Naan£2.50Add +With mince meat. Contains egg and dairy
Peshwari Naan£2.50Add +Coconut and almond powder. Contains egg and dairy
Garlic Naan (v)£2.25Add +Contains egg and dairy
Paratha (v)£1.95Add +Indian flatbread made from wheat flour and pan fried in clarified butter
Stuffed Paratha (v)£2.25Add +Stuffed with vegetables
Papadom (v)£0.60Add +Thin crispy flatbread
Chapati (v)£1.25Add +Unleavened wholemeal flatbread
Chips£1.75Add +
Mango Chutney or Mix Pickle£0.60Add +Per portion
Onion Salad or Mints Sauce£0.60Add +Per portion
Green Salad£1.95Add +
Gourmet Dinner
Gourmet Dinner (For Two)£35.95Add +Papadoms, tandoori king prawn, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka massala, special korai chicken or lamb, cauliflower bhajee, sag aloo, 2 special fried rice, stuffed naan and bottle of soft drink
Indian Fusion Dinner
Indian Fusion Dinner (For Two)£29.95Add +Papadom, chicken tikka, sheek kebab, chicken korma, lamb bhuna or dansak, bombay potato, sag bhajee, 2 pilau rice, naan and bottle of soft drink
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